Executive HR Consultants Phoenix

Leathers Milligan & Associates, LLC

Consultants Optimizing Human Capital

Leathers Milligan believes human capital should be optimized. Our management consultants employ strategic measures based on their years of experience in the HR space. Our management consulting team evaluates the life cycles of both the organization and staff in making recommendations to a client. Human capital is the most valuable asset a company or organization has. As a highly valued asset, changes should be well-developed and planned. The ultimate goal is to implement actions that increase revenue, maximize company performance, and reduce expenses.

Successful HR Management Solutions Build Trust

Our consultants believe in tailoring our programs and recommendations for clients based on company environment, goals,  history, and industry. When you have a consulting team with the depth of education and hands on experience in recommending and integrating change strategies, the resulting success rates are extremely high.

The industries we represent include physician and hospital practices, technology, governments (including cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix), construction, aerospace, insurance, utility, education, and more. The diversity in industries helps our consultants learn and gain invaluable knowledge from various HR platforms and client human capital challenges.

Our experience and consistent success in human capital management has resulted in long term relationships with many of the most respected brands and agencies across diverse industries.

Though the scope of human capital related engagements varies, there is one constant: Leathers Milligan welcomes each opportunity to utilize our HR consulting skills to improve the client’s performance and net revenue.

Integrated Solutions

Having a road map is just one piece of the solution. The strategization process to develop an action plan for improvement requires an associated integration program.  Full implementation and integration of well-developed strategies is essential to a client’s success. An understanding that the company’s goals and current operating strategies may require new and distinct human capital needs that must be met if desired performance results are to be accomplished.